Husband & Wife Book Club

Husband and wife book club

Every once in a while, hubby and I have a good long talk about all the things we should be doing. Then we feel nice and productive, spend a couple of days making plans, maybe buy a few supplies, and promptly forget everything we said we were going to do.

Sorry, kids.

Anyway, this one will be different, because it involves reading. To any readers who married non-readers, my condolences. I truly can’t imagine your pain.

During our most recent “wouldn’t it be great” session, I proposed a book club for two. Each month, one of us would pick a book they thought the other would enjoy. We’d both read and then discuss. It’d be something fun to do together yet apart and get us out of our comfort zones as far as books go. (Okay, get me out of my comfort zone. Hubby is a total slut for books – he’ll read anything. SUCH a whore.)

This page will document that adventure. Happy reading – for all of us!