My Agatha Christie Project

Agatha Christie Project

Early in 2019, hubby and I were watching a documentary on Agatha Christie. I’ve loved her my entire life. She’s the first novelist I remember reading, starting with “A Pocket Full of Rye” when I was 9.

BTW, that book inspired me to write my own book. I grabbed my mom’s typewriter (it was 1981; people still used typewriters) and banged out 23 pages of a murder mystery. I don’t remember anything about it except that I described someone’s age as “30-odd” because Ms. Christie had done the same in her book and it stuck with me. Like most writers, I never finished writing that book. I probably had softball practice.

Anyway, when the documentary ended, I decided I’d read the entire Agatha Christie library, in chronological order. I screen-shotted (did I just invent a verb? Ima call that “pulling a Shakespeare”.) her bibliography and got to reading. The third book in, “Murder on the Links,” I hit a snag. I didn’t have the book and neither did the Greater Phoenix Digital Library.


Hubby to the rescue! He made the supreme sacrifice – a trip to Half Price Books. Just kidding. If they teamed up with Bookmans to open a bed and breakfast, he’d live there.

We got methodical on it first. Compared our library, which I’d thought was practically complete, to the bibliography I’d screen-shotted (so much wrong with that sentence, technically speaking). Turns out, I only had around half of Christie’s books. WTF? My entire life is a lie!

Hubby found 9 of the books we didn’t have before he remembered we have 2 kids in college and bills to pay.

Anyway, this page on the blog is dedicated to my personal Agatha Christie Project. Enjoy!